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Help us reach our fundraising goal by donating directly!

...or choose where your tax dollars go!

Your state tax dollars can stay local to directly benefit Hall County Schools Inclusive Playgrounds with no additional cost to you. 


The PEACH Education tax credit allows individuals and corporations to donate to support innovative programs that foster educational excellence for students across the state. Donors receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their state income tax.


applyApply for pre-approval for the PEACH Education tax credit at GFPE will send you a confirmation to proceed. Receive approval for the tax credit amount you submitted along with a payment deadline from GFPE. GFPE and Georgia Deparment of Revenue will notify you with approval.


DONate Make your donation. Submit your payment to GFPE before the payment deadline, which is 60 days after receiving approval. You will be asked to designate your donation to a project. Please choose “Hall County Schools.”


CLAIM Claim your tax credit. To claim the tax credit on your state income taxes, you will need to complete Form IT-QED-TP2 and attach it to your income tax return when it is filed. (Note: You will take the credit when you file your taxes in the year following your contribution).

Looking for other ways to help?

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